PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Capabilities

Lead Time
2 - 5 Days, 1 - 2 Weeks and Scheduled Deliveries
Parts Procurement
Full Turnkey, Partial Turnkey and Kitted/Consigned
Assembly Types
Surface Mount (SMT), Thru-hole, Mixed Technology (SMT/Thru-hole), Single and Double Sided SMT/PTH, Large Parts on Both Sides, BGA on Both Sides
Board Type
Rigid Boards, Flex Boards and Rigid-Flex Boards
Laser Cut Stainless Steel and Nano-coating
Passive Components Smallest Size 01005, Fine Pitch Components Smallest Size 8 Mils Pitch, Leadless Chip Carriers/BGA, VFBGA, FPGA & DFN, Connectors and Terminals
Largest PCB Size
18'' x 20''
Smallest PCB Size
1.2'' wide
Largest QFP Size
75 mm x 75 mm
BGA Pitch Range
From 0.25 mm to 3 mm
Smallest QFP Pitch Range
From 0.25 mm to 3 mm
Component packaging
Reels, Cut tape, Tube and Loose Parts
X-ray Analysis, AOI and Microscope to 20X
Solder Type
Leaded and Lead-free/RoHS Compliant
Assembly surface mount connectors
Wave Soldering
PCB Finish
SMOBC/HASL, Electrolytic Gold, Electroless Gold, Electroless Silver, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin and OSP
Panelized PCB
Tab Routed, Breakaway Tabs, V-Scored and Routed + V-scored
Design File Format
Gerber RS-274X, Eagle and AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG BOM (Bill of Materials) and Pick and Place file (XYRS)
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See Panelization Support